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Institutions & Employers

Prosperity has extensive experience in structuring, implementing and servicing all types of retirement plans, including 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, Single (Solo) k’s, SEP, SIMPLE IRA Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, and Non-Qualified Plans. Our team is dedicated to staying up to date on the constantly changing laws and regulations governing this complex area.

Employer Retirement Plans are a key benefit for all organizations and our goal at Prosperity is to take the burden off of business owners and their staff. Let our experienced team be the company retirement plan consultant and your employees’ financial coach!

Our Services


Plan Design & Review

Assisting plan sponsors to customize a program that best fits the needs and culture of their business. Retirement plans are designed to attract and retain key employees while meeting the diverse needs of the entire company. Our team of advisors, led by credentialed professionals including the Qualified 401(k) Administrator designation, will collaborate with you to tailor a plan for your unique company goals and objectives.


Investment Advice

We serve in the role of a 3(21) investment advisor, which is a co-fiduciary role to you and the plan. We will assist you in building an investment fund menu and investment policy statement that meet the needs of your company. In this role, we will review, monitor and make recommendations on the investments in your plan.


Fiduciary Compliance

Our role as a 3(21) fiduciary advisor is a co-fiduciary role to you and the plan. Our investment team, led by credentialed professionals including the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, carefully researches a diversified fund line up that is both cost effective as well as performance driven. The result is an investment fund menu and investment policy statement that’s right for you.


Employee Education

The more your employees understand about their retirement plan options, the more satisfied they will be with their plan and your company. Prosperity will provide on-site educational presentations, one-on-one personal sessions, webinars, and phone consultations. We strive to educate, listen to the needs of your employees, and then offer guidance.

Investment Process


We work with you to discover the type of retirement plan that fits your business. It’s a collaboration of both listening and advising to build a plan with the company goals as the focus.


Not all employer retirement plans are alike. We design plans that benefit all employees and allow for considerations to both retirement income and tax sensitivities. Using our plan cycle approach and evaluating provisions permitted by the IRS, DOL and ERISA, we can build a unique plan that fits your company.


What distinguishes us is our commitment to listening to your needs and understanding the business goals. We design plans that manage consequences while considering the current market conditions. We also identify cost-effective solutions that align with the goals of the plan sponsors and their employees.


With today’s heavy regulatory duties of retirement plans, it’s important for your advisor to be diligent with the administration, compliance, fiduciary duties, plan operation and education of participants so that the plan runs smoothly.

We are here to help you improve your company retirement plan over time, making it more efficient and effective. As the needs of your business change, your retirement plan should change with it.

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