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AdviceWorks gives you a holistic view of your finances, helping you keep track of your financial goals and your progress toward them, while fostering seamless collaboration between us—whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. This innovative digital platform delivers a powerful combination of clarity, collaboration, and security, allowing you to quickly view all your financial accounts in one place, share important information, and measure your progress in real time— all from a single log in.

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Albridge delivers a single, comprehensive view of all of your investments with Prosperity.  Unlike NetX Client, which provides just brokerage account information, Albridge includes information on variable annuities, directly-held accounts (such as 529 plans or REITs), etc.  Albridge provides individual and consolidated reports covering performance, asset allocation, holdings analysis, transaction, and benchmarking.

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NetX Client gives you instant access to brokerage and advisory account and tax statements, trade confirmations and more.  Use NetX Client to manage your statement delivery preferences (e.g., going paperless).



NetXInvestor Mobile Deposit

Did you know you could make a deposit into your Pershing account without dropping off or sending a check to Prosperity? Click the link to learn how.
(Note: the maximum for checks has been increased to $50,000 - 04/02/2020)


Here are some timely checklists that may be of interest to you. If you want to discuss, please contact us.

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