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Make the most of your money

Here are three ways to make your money work for you…


The value proposition of a qualified advisor

Even Vanguard, the titan of retail index investing, believes in the value of a qualified financial advisor.

In the Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha white paper, Vanguard’s research shows that a qualified advisor can add 3% annually to an investor’s return. That’s nothing to sneeze at.


Strategies beyond a self-directed 401k

A well-crafted and holistic financial plan includes these elements:

Retirement Income Diversification
Heading into and through retirement, we will help your craft a retirement income strategy that makes the most of pensions, social security, retirement and non-retirement accounts. We will also help you with your tax withholding, so that you avoid ugly tax surprises at tax time.

Risk management is critical in protecting your family. We will help you arrive at well-rounded decisions regarding disability, life and long term care insurance in order to protect your financial assets and the people you love.

Tax Minimization Strategies
No one likes paying taxes. We will help you minimize the taxes you pay over your lifetime while maximizing what you keep in your pocket and leave to your loved ones.

Retirement Income Planning
Deciding to retire is anxiety-provoking for most people. We will help you determine how much is “enough” and will walk you through the process of becoming comfortable and retirement ready.

College Funding
One of the most overlooked financial areas in a family’s financial planning is college funding. We will help you determine how to best save for college while saving for longer-term needs such as retirement.

Estate Planning
Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Yet strangely enough, estate planning is frequently neglected. We will help you do thoughtful planning regarding your estate, and have a routine dialogue to make sure that the wealth you’ve worked so hard to accumulate will be best preserved for your loved ones.


Enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow

We understand and embrace the balance between enjoying a full life today while saving for tomorrow. We will work with you to live in the now while being confident about the future.