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The Client

The Client

  • Advice that drives results
  • Listen first, then provide tailored services for each unique client
  • A teacher’s heart for financial education
  • No minimum account size
  • Growing and evolving services to meet the financial needs of our clients
  • Ongoing protection of your confidential data, including shredding, encryption, on-site and on-line security
  • Embracing all members of our community, regardless of race, religion, or gender identification
  • Compassion when addressing complicated situations such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, job loss, or financial crisis
  • Confidential and fiduciary dealing with all clients
The Community

The Community

  • Prosperity team members have leadership roles and volunteer with qualified charities
  • Through our donor advised fund, Prosperity Shared, we make financial contributions to organizations within our charitable footprint
  • Our charitable footprint is aligned with our deeply held conviction that we all deserve a confident future. We work with 501c3 qualified charities that:
    • Work to raise financial literacy
    • Meet the needs of those in our community with financial insecurity
    • Address food insecurity

Generosity is a muscle

Like a muscle, generosity becomes stronger the more it is used. Our advisors help clients as they develop this strength in the following ways:

Defining legacy and lifetime mission statements

  • Areas of charitable footprint
  • Giving criteria

Financial efficiency

  • Charity due diligence
  • Guidelines for giving

Legacy values

  • When and how to involve future generations
  • Family foundation/donor advised funds

Charitable tax planning

Tax savings strategies help reduce the cost of giving and/or increase the impact. Strategies include:

Donor Advised Funds have always been a means to avoid capital gains tax while maintaining control of the ‘who’ and ‘when’ of gifting. In the latest tax laws, it has new meaning as clients can bunch their gifting deduction in the tax year of their choice and take the new higher standard deduction in other tax years.

Charitable Remainder Trusts* have powerful tax savings opportunities as clients monetize their business and real estate holdings with more than enough immediate tax savings to fund the future gift.

Qualified Charitable Retirement Distributions allow clients over 72 to make their tithes and donations from their IRAs, satisfying all or part of their required minimum distributions and still qualifying for the new higher standard deduction.

Legacy Charitable Designations can be accommodated with maximum tax effect.

*Such trusts are used to develop a vehicle for donations to a favorite charity, which also allows for the reduction of income taxes through a charitable deduction and favorable tax treatment at the date of the gift by non-recognition of built-in capital gains. The use of trusts involves a complex web of tax rules and regulations.  You should consider the counsel of an experienced estate planning professional before implementing such strategies.

Closing the Gap: The Prosperity Advisors KSU Scholarship

Closing the Gap: The Prosperity Advisors KSU Scholarship

This scholarship aims to close the wealth gap, an issue at the forefront of American society. People in underserved communities have a greater challenge in achieving financial success because of the systemic obstacles they face. Prosperity Advisors has created a scholarship at Kansas State University to help.

We're concerned about the divide between those that have and those that do not, and that this is mostly due to a lack of financial literacy and access to quality financial advice

With only 23.2% of certified financial planning professionals being female, and less than 4% being Black or Latino, this scholarship addresses the critical need of increasing access and awareness of Financial Planning as a career.

We hope that with this scholarship, we are able to not only begin to close the wealth gap but also provide those in underrepresented populations with financial literacy and quality financial advice.