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Harnessing the power of technology in retirement

Harnessing the power of technology in retirement

September 20, 2019

If you’re retiring from a career spent hunched in front of a glowing computer screen, it’s likely the last thing you’ll want to do is keep up with ever-changing technology.  While we can all recognize the importance of taking a tech break or a nature bath every once in awhile, there are an increasing number of ways technology can enrich your retirement without making you feel like a bot tied to a screen.

In your pre-retirement office setting, you were reminded to keep up with the latest tech lingo, anti-viral software, and changes in your industry. Hopping tech teams devoted their work day to keeping you current. Without them, you may find yourself quietly slipping into tech oblivion. This doesn’t have to be the case – keeping abreast of new technology can give you a sense of accomplishment and keep your mind sharp well into your retirement.


Take a class. 
Enlist the help of a tech savvy friend or relative to check in with occasionally. Keep reading, and pick their brains when you see something that catches your interest. Take your interests a step further with online classes like those from General Assembly or a class at your local community college or library. Increasing numbers of retirees are learning to code – a new hobby that could lend itself to further employment or service opportunities in retirement.

Explore your passion projects with social media. 
If you’re into travel, explore Instagram for photos of your bucket list destinations. On those cold and dreary January days, you may have a ball planning your next beach vacation with the help of travel forums filled with like-minded travelers. If you’re looking forward to spending time watching your grandkids learn new things, dive into the rabbit hole of Pinterest to look for play date ideas.

Reach out to faraway friends and relatives. 
Back when video phones seemed as realistic as the Jetson's cartoons we saw them on, it was easy to let cherished old friendships slip by the wayside. With apps like FaceTime, Skype and Viber, you can reconnect and reinvigorate those meaningful relationships.

Instead of eschewing technology as a work-related hassle that you’re happy to be finished with, embrace the opportunities that technological fluency can give you! Learning new skills and connecting with like-minded people are keys to retirement success. To find out more about making the best of your retirement years, take our complimentary readiness assessment today.