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The Economy So Far. An update and outlook with Prosperity Advisors and JP Morgan.

Hosted by Ryan Forster, CFP®, AIF®, Financial Advisor, Prosperity Advisors with Todd Baker, CIMA®, Executive Director, JP Morgan.

We're halfway through the year. It appears the pandemic is winding down and life is returning to a new version of normal. The last of the previously approved stimulus continues pouring into the country with more legislation contemplated. The topics for this quarter's discussion list welcomes your input. Markets at all-time highs, Inflation, interest rates, meme stocks, oh and how is our economy doing anyway?

With the information overload blaring, we're pleased to host this Zoom call to spend some time with you to answer your questions, quiet the noise and build informed confidence.

There are two sessions from which to choose. Both sessions are the same so choose a session time that works best for you: