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Bucket List Vacations

June 04, 2023

Bucket List Vacations

Whether you are taking advantage of a break from school, looking for a quick getaway on a dime, building a business and finding it hard to get time away, or retired, there is something for everyone, in every season of life, who likes to take a vacation.

I'm Tifney Fields, and this list is a compilation of some favorites from past travels. Before earning my master's in public relations, I spend several years in the travel industry and acquired a travel and tourism degree. Over the last fifty years, I have spent a lot of time traveling extensively in the US and abroad. Below you will also find some of my creative strategies for saving while traveling.

The first one to consider is an Alaskan Cruise. If you don't think about traveling to a frozen tundra once winter is finally over, you are not alone. However, it would be a miss to not include this in your bucket list of travel.

Holland America has smaller ships that accommodate fewer guests (which means shorter lines at the buffet) and fit into the smaller glacier inlets. As the cruise ship sails through these walls of glistening wonder, you are able to sit cozy in library-type settings with a hot cup of your favorite beverage and admire the sights.

If you are adventurous and bundled up, you can walk endless laps on the outside deck, whilst taking photos of the spectacular views.

It's a cruise that you can enjoy on any budget, as they have a variety of room types available, you can drive to Seattle for departure if you want to save on airfare and opt to walk around the beautiful Alaskan/Canadian ports of call instead of spending money on excursions. Of course, all of your meals are included in the price of your ticket and onboard activities are endless.

The next to consider is Air B&B's OMG tab.

Have you ever thought about staying the night in a treehouse, lighthouse, hobbit hole, pod, igloo, container house, silo, military bunker, greenhouse, or converted train? If not, you should, because you can!

Some of the most "normal" rural locations in the United States and abroad can offer a unique opportunity for new life experiences and offer much more than just a place to sleep.

Download the Air B&B app. Scroll across the top menu bar and find "OMG". Click on it and search your country, region, state, or specific city to see what is out there.

If you know you want to get away but don't have a location in mind, this is a great way to try someplace new. You will be amazed at the creative ideas for adding a little pizzazz to a quick trip. Be sure to check out Scotland (and other international locations) for some amazing castles too.

If you are a vacationer that tends to avoid cruising due to the masses of people onboard, the mediocre food, loads of spring breakers, and the lack of refinement, please stay with me.

The cruise experience on Regent Seven Seas has been described by European travel magazines as "redefining cruising." This cruise is one to save up for, as it is more costly than a typical cruise experience but it is worth every penny.

Some of the highlights include all suites, butlers available, Le Cordon Bleu dining, unknown ports of call with little to no tourism, and bus tours to refined locations like The Guggenheim. The average age of cruisers is sixty so this is perfect for retirement, yet offers a quiet alternative for honeymoons, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

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